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Westie Rescue

These links provide a wealth of information related to Westie Rescue as well as information about Westie health care, training, and Westie news.

Westies in Need (WiN)

WIN is a non profit Canadian group that provides rescue, fostering, transport, medical attention and adoption services for surrendered, abused, abandoned, neglected, and/or homeless West Highland White Terriers in Ontario and Quebec.

Out of the love for these little white dogs comes our passion for helping Westies in Need.

Our mission is to: rescue Westies, get immediate medical attention to those in need, foster Westies in a safe, attentive environment, find them loving and forever homes and to also educate the general public to the need for spaying and neutering dogs and the perils of puppy mills. We advocate an end to the operation of puppy mills, pet store animal sales, and the neglect and abuse of these precious dogs.

Westie Rescue Southeast-USA is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization established to rescue, rehabilitate, and find approved homes for Westies. Our Westies have been rescued for various reasons including, but not limited to, being surrendered by owners, abuse, neglect or abandonment. WRSE operates on the basis of matching each dog with the individual or family that best suits that dog's age, temperament, health, and any other criteria that affects the dog or the adopter and their ability to move forward with expected happiness and good health. Our Westies are seen and cared for by a licensed vet, spayed or neutered, then placed in an approved foster home where they will be evaluated until such time they are adopted by an approved individual or family.
WRSE covers the states of AL, MS, TN, GA, SC and NC.

Contact: Sherry Moore
512 Grand Oaks Drive, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
Phone: 615-948-4905

Westie Rescue of Florida

There is no Westie in FLorida we will not take in, regardless of age, health, temperament, etc. WRFL is an all volunteer organization.  Our fabulous network of volunteers participate with us in a number of vital roles; transport from shelter or surrendering owner to vet, transport from vet to foster home, home visits for potential foster and adoptive homes, shelter contact for Westies in need and, of course, foster care and feedback critical to finding just the right forever home for each and every Florida Westie in need. 

Every westie coming into WRFL from either a shelter or surrendering owner will go immediately to a vet, unless we have documentation that the dog is up to date on shots and heartworm prevention, and has had a recent physical exam by a vet. WRFL will be responsible for the cost of this preliminary veterinary care for the incoming Westies. WRFL will work directly with the vet providers regarding these costs; the transporting or fostering volunteers will not be involved with these bills.  

WRFL will also be holding festive events with our Westies throughout the state to raise money to properly care for the Westies coming into WRFL. Our volunteers participate in setting up and running these events. The adoption donations do not begin to cover the costs of care these little ones frequently need. So, of course, we will never discourage your tax deductible donations which can be made through the website mark your donation for FLORIDA in big letters to make certain it comes to Florida's Westies. While you are at the website, please consider filling out an application to adopt or join our fabulous volunteers.  We can never have enough Westie-lovers like you!

Westie Rescue of Tennessee    

Our number one goal continues to be helping every Westie in need within the state of Tennessee. If you live in Tennessee and want to help volunteer with Westie Rescue, we would love to have you work with our group! Please e-mail us at with questions or requests for Volunteer or Adoption applications. If you have a need to surrender a Westie, we can also be contacted via this e-mail.

Westie Rescue of Missouri

Westie Rescue of Missouri, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation formed in 1999 to address the rescue needs of shelter dogs and puppy mill dogs.  All WRM staff are volunteers.  No salaries are paid.  Volunteers donate their own money, as well as their time and their other resources, to rescue, rehabilitate, place, and transport rescue dogs.

Westie Rescue USA...helping Westies in need and the humans who would like to adopt them
Westie Rescue USA is a web-based resource that is sponsored by Westie Rescue of the MidAtlantic States, Inc, and is shared by Westie rescuers throughout the US.   Visit the website to find out how to contact your local volunteer and to browse a wealth of information about the care and maintenance of West Highland White Terriers.

Rescue Angels

Ever wonder where your dog really came from?  Read this heart-warming story of love and compassion.

Louisiana Westie Rescue

The mission of this program is to find safe, loving homes for Westies that are in desperate need of such a home.

Westie Rescue, Inc.

The mission of Westie Rescue is to facilitate the rescue and adoption of stray, abandoned, neglected, abused, and surrendered Westies of pure or mixed-breed lineage, and place adoptable Westies into permanent, loving homes.

If you have never read about the horrors of Puppy Mills, this is an educational site that will break your heart!  Learn how some Pet Stores are involved in buying from brokers and breeders who are only interested in a buck and not the welfare of a pup. 

Chatham Animal Rescue and Education   The mission of Chatham Animal Rescue and Education (CARE) is to promote the health and safety of all cats and dogs in Chatham County. CARE strives to teach by example, to be a resource to the community and local government, and to provide foster care for animals until they can be adopted into permanent homes.

Westie Rescue of Orange County and Beyond

Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond  (WROC) is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charitable corporation serving all of California.  Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for West Highland White Terriers, to help control the animal population by spaying and neutering our dogs before they are placed in permanent homes, and to provide the public with education about our breed and its needs.