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A Typical Down South Westie Morning!

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  We start our day early.  I get up at 5 AM and everyone else sleeps until around 7 AM, when Chloe awakes Linda to let her know it is time to get up. We go downstairs and go out for their first nature break. They usually have to stretch, yawn, and then roll around to stretch their bones
First thing, they take a roll in the pine straw to get awake good. 


Then they take a close look for squirrels to see if they should bark!


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Next, they look at us as if to say, "Why are we up so early"?


"Is that a squirrel?  Should I bark"?


"Let us get awake good, then we will potty"!

The privilege of owning a Westie is indeed a blessing. The only thing better than a Westie is having two, or three! They require lots of attention and want to be in the center of all the activity.



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