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What's New This August!

August 28, 2003

I just received my t-shirt and I love it…Linda 



If you haven’t checked out our website lately, we have new pictures of our dogs as well as info about Westie books for you and the kids!

In This Issue:

  1. Traveling With Your Dog!
  2. Any New Pups Yet?
  3. Darby Offers Stud Service!

1.    Traveling With Your Dog!  More than ever before, people are including their pets when traveling or on family vacations.  You have to keep in mind that travel is not right for all pets.  Age, physical condition, and temperament should always be taken into consideration.  More and more motels are becoming “Pet Friendly”.  Linda and I will be going to Pigeon Forge and we already have reservations at Microtel Suites.  We will pay a one-time $15 pet fee.  There are a couple other things, like you can’t leave your pet for over two hours, etc.

Before you go on a trip with your Westie, you should always be sure you dog is up-to-date on shots.  We take our vaccination records with us in case there is a problem.  If your dog is on some form of medication, be sure you have plenty!

Has your dog ridden in the car any farther than the vet?  Can he ride 8 hours with only frequent poop and water stops?  It sure is a long way to Pigeon Forge if your dog is car sick.

I know you know this, but never leave your pet unattended in the car.  The temperature increases and dehydration and heatstroke can set in rapidly.  I know of a lady who was traveling, ran into a convenience store for a restroom stop, and left her dog in the car, the engine running so he would be cool for those few minutes.  He stood up to look out the window and hit the “lock” button.  Well, after several minutes, and a visit from the locksmith, she was on her way, good lesson learned!

Listed below are some of the things Linda and I will be taking on our trip:

·        Extra leash and collar

·      Food and water dishes

·      Bottled water…you don’t know what is in the water on the road and it might upset their stomach

·      Health certificate, vet’s phone number

·      Their bedding

·      Favorite toys

·      Grooming supplies

·      Obviously, we are taking Chloe and Darby!

I suppose I need to explain the bedding.  We will not be taking their bed, but a blanket.  Pictured below is their bed.  I caught Darby in the middle of a yawn.  We do share the same bedroom!

Having Chloe is more reliable than an alarm clock!  The electricity may go off, but Chloe’s alarm goes off every morning at 5:30 AM.  We  take our 30 minute walk and then we are all ready for breakfast.

2.  Any New Pups Yet?  I know you are chomping at the bits!  In    Mississippi, that means you are readyreadyready for a pup!  This time around, their heat cycles are not going as we had planned.  They are all running a little behind!  We should have 3 litters by Christmas and then 2 litters shortly after the first of the year.  One reason we are behind is because we did not breed Buffy because she developed some slight skin problems, that was easily taken care of, but I could not in good conscience breed her and pass along her genes.  We refuse to breed a dog unless she is healthy and meets the breed standard.  Buffy was not produced by any of our breeding stock.

3.  Darby Offers Stud Service!

   Darby is such a beautiful male.  He is a Brookline male with 14 CH in his 5 generation pedigree and is available for stud.  He meets the Westie standard.  He weighs 15 pounds and is 11 inches at the withers.  He lives in our home and is very loving and easy going.  He has a great temperament and will offer a healthy addition to any litter.  If you have a female that you want to discuss breeding with Darby, give me a call (601-626-8887) or email me (