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 December 2007

Miss Chloe

From our family to yours...May Christmas be a time to remember the real reason for the season!

The blessings of Christmas are tied to our response to the Christ Child born in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. When we read the Christmas story from the Bible, there are at least three ways which we can respond to Him.

One response was given by the innkeeper when Mary and Joseph wanted to find a room where the Child could be born. The innkeeper was not hostile; he was not opposed to them, but his inn was crowded; his hands were full; his mind was preoccupied.

This is the answer that millions are giving today. Like a Bethlehem innkeeper, they cannot find room for Christ. All the accommodations in their hearts are already taken up by other crowding interests. Their response is not atheism. It is not defiance. It is preoccupation and the feeling of being able to get on reasonably well without Christianity.

Another response was given by King Herod. His answer was one of hostility. In his raging jealousy, when Herod heard that a King had been born, he said, "Destroy Him! Let Him die while He is still in His cradle."

This answer grew and swelled until one day it became a mad mob's terrifying roar: "Away with Him, away with Him, crucify Him."

In many parts of the world, this cry is still being shouted. The world objects to the Messiah. If He would remain a gentle and mild Jesus, that would be all right; there is no danger there. Or if He remained a mystical dreamer, or if we could put Him up in a stained-glass window and He would never come down to trouble us, then that would be all right. But a reigning Christ, a life-changing Christ--that is what is unacceptable to millions of people. That is a menace to their way of life. It strikes at the roots of their independence.

But another response was totally different. It came from an old priest in the Temple by the name of Simeon. He took the Christ Child in his arms and said, "My eyes have seen your salvation."

Simeon's answer was the response of commitment. This is the response I pray you will make.

Have you irrevocably committed your life to Jesus Christ? If you have not, I ask you to do it right now. The Apostle Peter was right:

"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."                                                   ~ Billy Graham






The January issue of Dog Fancy magazine will feature the West Highland White Terrier on the front cover and a featured article.
Considered the number one show, competition, and agility magazine in the world, it will have a 4-6 page spread with info and pictures about Westies. They boast a readership of over 500,000 monthly.
You can buy a single copy or a 1 year subscription.

1 year subscription is the best price on the web!

The Original Designer Doggie Doorbell  Ring...Ring.. I Need to Go Out!
Training your pet with Poochie-Bells relies on consistency. Training time depends on your effort with your pet.  No dog  is too old to learn this behavior.

Step One:
Hang your Poochie-Bells on the inside of the door(s) that your pet typically exits your house from.

Step Two:
Each time you take your pooch outside for a walk, or outside for any reason; state a simple
command phrase, we suggest "Outside...Ring the Bells".  

Step Three:
After stating your command phrase, ring your Poochie-Bells in front of the dog.

Step Four:
After ringing the bells and saying the command phrase, follow through with praise to your pet
and allow him to go outside.

Step Five:
After several weeks of this conditioning, start just using the phrase each time your dog wants to exit and stop ringing the bells.

Step Six:
Each week that follows, repeat this conditioning until your dog starts to ring the bells on his own. It is critical that you praise the dog on his newly learned behavior to reinforce this action.


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Be on Alert For Trouble Signs in Older Dogs! 

Note: We received so many emails about this article, we are running it again!

The August issue of Dog Fancy relates the following info that should be of interest to owners of older dogs. There are signs that crop up in aging dogs suggesting something could be amiss:

1. Limping or lameness. The most common cause is arthritis or degenerative joint disease. Treatment includes anti-inflammatory pain medication, joint supplements, exercise, and weight control.

2. Change in appetite or weight. These symptoms could point to internal organ disease (kidney, liver, or heart), diabetes, oral problems (periodontitis, abscessed teeth, tumors), hormonal imbalances, abdominal tumors, and parasitic disease.

3. Abnormal chewing.  Dropping food from the mouth, difficulty chewing, chewing on one side, face rubbing, or bad breath suggest a dental disorder, sinus disease, or mouth tumor.

4. Increased water consumption. Drinking more water, usually accompanied by frequent urination, can be associated with kidney or liver disease, diabetes, or endocrine disorders.

5. Changes in urination. Increased urination, straining during urination, dribbling urine, blood in the urine, or unexplained accidents indicate a problem in the urinary tract.

6. Behavioral changes.  Circling, aimless wandering, increased sleeping, forgetting housetraining, or seizures can be signs of canine cognitive dysfunction, brain tumors, or various neurological disorders.

7. Lumps and bumps. Small, benign fatty tumors are common in older dogs and are often left in place unless they become larger, interfere with movement, or there is a change in appearance and firmness. However, other more aggressive tumors should be treated.

If you notice any of the signs discussed above, don't wait until your next scheduled appointment to take your do to your vet. 


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The Dog Owner's Veterinary Handbook  by James M Griffin, MD & Lisa D. Carlson, DVM
Easy-to-follow directions and an alphabetized emergency section explains how and when to treat a dog and when to call a vet. Hardback, 558 pages, photos and illustrations. 3rd ed.

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