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Often times I have people ask me how Westies get along with cats.  I have never had a cat so I do not know.  I do know that to introduce a pup to a cat is far better than trying to introduce an adult Westie to one.

The idea that dogs hate cats may have been born because dogs chase cats and  because cartoons depict ongoing battles between the two species. Or it may have been generated because some dog people strongly dislike cats and some cat people disdain dogs. However, dogs and cats can live peaceably as long as owners understand the behaviors of each.

Both dogs and cats are predators. Cats pounce on anything that moves ó mice, butterflies, birds, grasshoppers, and feathery toys waved on the end of a stick. Dogs chase anything that moves, especially if it squeals, hisses, or otherwise mouths off. If the cat triggers the dogís prey drive, the dog will chase.

  • Always supervise cats and dogs until you know they will get along.  
  • Separate cats and dogs at mealtime. As complete carnivores, cats need a diet that includes the amino acid taurine; if the dog eats the catís food and all the cat gets is leftovers in the dog bowl, the cat might develop a dietary deficiency. In addition, a dog that guards his food could attack the cat or gulp his meals too quickly and develop digestive problems.

Make sure the cat gets plenty of opportunity to stalk and pounce on things other than the dogís tail.


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