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March 1, 2006






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In This Issue:

     1.  Thanks For Ordering From JeffersPet!

2.  Francie is Expecting Pups!

3.  Ellie's Pups Go To New Homes!

4.  Plans For Scotland Trip!

5.  PUPS R US Puppy Play Equipment

6.  Use of Distilled Water Discontinued!

7.  Send Pictures and Update!

1.  Thanks For Ordering From JeffersPet!

We want to say thanks for so many of you who order through our site from JeffersPet as well as other stores.  When you click on a banner from our site and make a purchase, the cost is the same for you, but we get credit for the sale as an affiliate member.  Our new website, has been very successful.  This new "Pet Mall" approach to shopping allows you to shop for 1,000's of items from more than 80 stores. 

2.  Francie is Expecting Pups!

Francie is one of our dogs that we imported from Scotland as a pup.  She has a great temperament and is very loving.  She has several CH on her pedigree, including American, Canadian, English, Swedish, and other INT CH.  She is a great mom and is very protective of her pups.

3.  Ellie's Pups Go To New Homes!

Ellie's pups will be leaving for their new homes around  March 4.  They were born on Sunday, January 8. 

You can always see some of Ellie's pups that are now adult dogs on our Friends Page We always enjoy posting pictures of our dogs from all parts of the country. 

4.  Plans For Scotland Trip!

We are planning a trip to Scotland in early May to enjoy the homeland of Westies and to visit some UK breeders and exhibitors that we have met over the internet.  We already have plans to import another pair of pups with CH parents and our hope is to be able to show them.  Time will tell.  Our daughter will take care of our clan while we are away.

As you probably know, it is believed that Westies originated in Scotland, as the result of the breeding practices of Col. Malcolm on his estate Poltalloch in Argyllshire.  Westies are the newest of the Terrier breeds.  The Westie was recognized in England by The Kennel Club as a separate breed in 1907.  They were actually referred to as Poltalloch Terriers, after the Col., in the early days.  The Crufts Dog Show in 1907 was the setting for the Westie to make his first appearance as a show dog.  Two years later the name was changed to West Highland White Terrier.  Read More...

Probably the most famous Westie painting of the late nineteenth century by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer.


"The Warrener's Pony and Terrier and Puppy"  John Emms 1876

Roseneath or White Scottish Terriers, as some called them- 1899

As you can see, the long body and heads are a little different from Westies of today. 

5.  PUPS R US Puppy Play Equipment!

I found a great website I wanted to pass along to anyone interested in Puppy Play Equipment.

Puppies love to play!  Play equipment is perfect to allow pups the socialization and exercise they need.  The Teeter and Puppy Walk are made of solid PVC so it cannot be destroyed.  It is nonporous so cleanup is a breeze.  The Tunnel is the same quality as the larger agility tunnel and will last thru many pups.  For those of you in the Dawsonville, GA area, Collette also sells Canidae Dog Food and Snap treats.  You can check her website often and email her with any questions.       Read More...

6.  Use Of Distilled Water Discontinued!

Due to recent studies regarding the use of distilled water, we no longer recommend its use.

New studies show that prolonged use of distilled water is not good.

On a more scientific level‚ there are several very credible research reports and books that stress the more recent opinion that long term consumption of de-mineralized water (distilled) can in fact be dangerous.  Dr. Zolton Rona‚ author of The Joy of Health‚ states that "the longer one consumes distilled water‚ the more likely the development of mineral deficiencies and an acid state."  Dr. Paavo Airola‚ cancer expert and author of "How to Get Well" and "Cancer... Causes‚ Prevention and Healing" also reports that "long term consumption of distilled water eventually results in multiple mineral deficiencies."

We are now using a water filtration system exclusively for our dogs.  The water will be better for them and we will see what it does to their beards.  Stay tuned!

We chose the Aquasana Home Water System.  You can click on the banner below to read about it.  We have it connected to the sink in the grooming room.


8.  Send Pictures and Update!

We have not had an update from some of you who have one of our pups in a long time.  We would enjoy a note and picture for the Friends Page.  Some of them are several years old now and we would like to know how they are doing.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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