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What's New This November?

November 1, 2005



Chloe's last litter 2004










  Poochie-Bells, the only designer doggie doorbell
















Ellie's Past Litter!









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In This Issue:

1.  New Litters in Late November!

2.  Bad Idea...Invisible Fence!

3.  Doodle Pad Designs!

4.  That's Mine!

5.  Featured Products!

1. New Litters in late November!

  Miss Chloe is expecting pups the last week in November.  She is such a sweet and loving mom and always takes such special care of her pups.  Her pups are already booked by those on our wait list.  Chloe is the Alpha dog in our pack and all the other dogs know she is in charge...More!

  Gigi, one of our dogs from Scotland, is also expecting and should have pups a week after Chloe.  She is the smallest of our pack and is second in the pecking order behind Chloe.  She gets along great with everyone except Chloe.  Sometimes she challenges Miss Chloe for that Alpha role, but it never works! Then they settle down and all is fun and games...More!

We will take both Chloe and Gigi to our vet next week to confirm their pregnancies, but we feel confident they are.  They have to be at least 30 days along before they can have a sonogram.  The gestation period is usually around 63 days.

  Of course, Darby is King!  He just prances around and lets those girls do their thing and he never fusses with them.  They all love him and he is the one they all prefer to play with.  He has such a loving temperament and he enjoys getting in the litter box with the moms and babies to check them out.  All of our girls will allow Darby in the litter box, but none of them will allow other females to enter the litter box when they have pups.  He enjoys being KING...

2.  Bad Idea...Invisible Fence!

Some weeks ago we received the tearful call from a young lady whose Westie had been run over by a car and killed.  They had installed an Invisible Fence thinking that their Westie would stay inside the Invisible Fence area.  Wearing a shock collar, many dogs will not "cross the line" because they become conditioned to the negative experience and stay inside the "fence". 

Westies cannot be expected to stay inside such an area.  You are asking for disaster!  When a Westie sees a squirrel, cat, or another dog, they can become so focused that they lose all sense of obedience.  That is why our dogs have us...To protect them...To love their eagerness, impulsiveness, and energy...To hold onto their leash!

3.  Doodle Pad Designs

Our friend, Mary Anna, has a great store front at Ebay with Westie knobs and many other unique items...More..




4.  That's Mine

Our friend, Beth, owns That's Mine! and will customize your tote bags, hats, blankets, etc. 

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