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What's New This October!

October 1, 2005

Canvas totes in    Red, Black, Khaki, & Denim

Custom orders:  Dog's name on one side and choose from the pictures below for the other side.

13 X 13

$30 includes shipping

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  Poochie-Bells, the only designer doggie doorbell














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In This Issue:

1.  Barks and Cats Pet Products!

2.  Expecting New Litters!

3.  Did You Know?

4.  Teaching Your Pup Commands!

5.  Featured Products!

2.  Barks and Cats Pet Products!

Lisa is offering a 10% discount for all WestieGram subscribers for anything in her store!  It is a "one time only" discount and it is good until November 30!  The coupon code is:  luvwesties.  The code should  be placed in the lower left hand corner where it says "Coupon Code"  More...

3.  Expecting New Litters!

  Miss Chloe has been the Queen of Down South Westies for some time now!  It has been over a year since she has had a litter of pups.  We bred her the last of September and she should have pups in late November, if all goes well.  Of course, we all know breeding is not an exact science, but we are hopeful.  All of her pups are already booked by those up next on our wait list.  Chloe is loving, demands attention, and wants to be in the middle of everything.  She loves to sit in my lap, watch TV, and snooze during a NASCAR race.

  We are also expecting a litter from Gigi a few days after Chloe's litter.  She is one of our Scotland girls that we imported, along with Francie.  She is the smallest of our clan, weighing almost 15 pounds.  She is energetic, always fussing with Chloe, but it is because Miss Chloe is "Queen" and Gigi challenges that Alpha role!  She is very loving and loves everyone, but only "likes" Chloe.  Her pups are already booked by those on the wait list.

4.  Did You Know?

We receive around 35 emails and phone calls weekly from people all over the world inquiring about one of our pups.  Some have never owned a pet while others are well prepared for a pup to enter their home and are willing to give them the necessary attention, socialization, and training. 

We want you to be well informed about Westie ownership.  They are different from other docile breeds like the Lab.  You cannot sit a Westie on the shelf and expect him to sit there and look pretty!  They are very social animals, want to be a part of everything, and will demand your attention.  They need constant companionship and care.  They cannot be left alone outside without supervision.  It is said that a Westie can build a golf course in a day, at least dig the eighteen holes!  They should never be taken outside a fenced yard without a leash.  They are so focused that if they see a squirrel, cat, or another dog, off they go!  We have had numbers of people call us over the years who have had a Westie hit by a car because of such an incident. 

It is wise to talk to other Westie owners and do plenty of research to be sure a Westie will fit your lifestyle.  We are very careful to do all we can to be sure our pups go to "forever" homes.

5.  Teaching Your Pup Commands!

When you begin giving your pup simple commands, make them as short as possible and use the same word with the same meaning at all times, for example, "Sit" and "Stay".  You must be consistent.  Otherwise, your puppy will become confused.  Your dog's name should always prefix the command:  "Chloe, come!"  Always use the same command.  Don't say, "Come here", "Come girl", but always be consistent so it is not confusing to her.  Always remember to reward!  Use treats sparingly, but you can always lavish praise and love.

6.  Featured Products!

We get multitudes of emails asking what we call typical Westie questions.  We have questions about behavior problems, what kind of shampoo we use, food we feed, grooming questions, and the dreaded questions about skin/allergy problems, etc.  Be sure to see our "Westie Supplies" page.

A Grooming Table makes it much easier to properly care for your dog's gooming needs.  This item includes the complete unit.  Read more...


  Item UD-M8             Original MarsŪ Coat-King

The Mars Coat King is a necessity if you want to do your own grooming.  Always pull the coat king in the direction the hair grows and strip your Westie weekly.  It's the next best thing to hand stripping.  Then, all you have to do is trim his face, ears, and paws.


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