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September 1, 2005


Meet Ellie's Pups!






























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In This Issue:

1.  Ellie's New Pups!

2.  Location, Location, Location!

3.  How We Time Our Breedings!

4.  Did You Know?

5.  Barks and Cats Pet Products!

6.  Westie Supplies!

7.  Alister To Be Re-Homed!

1. Ellie's New Pups!

Ellie's pups are getting ready to go to their new homes.  They are a beautiful litter and have great temperaments.  They really enjoy socializing with the big dogs. ...Read more

Ellie's "all girl" litter

2.  Location, Location, Location

Selecting a puppy from a litter is sort of like buying a new car.  A man who works for an auto manufacturer told me, "When you buy your new truck, be sure it is manufactured at a 'certain plant' because they have a reputation for producing the best trucks."   Each family selects in their order on the wait list.  Just because a pup is smaller or larger, doesn't mean that they will be larger or smaller as adult dogs.  

The quotes found in this article are from the current AKC Gazette.  "Originally published in the August 2005 AKC GAZETTE. Reprinted by permission." 

At the Thirty-seventh Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction, Dr. Nancy Emenaker, Ph.D., R.D., makes this statement:  "One of the lecturers showed convincing data that male puppies who were 'sandwiched' in utero between girls were exposed to higher levels of estrogen during brain development and were more sensitive puppies.  Likewise, when girls were 'sandwiched' in utero between males, they were exposed to higher levels of testosterone during brain development and were more aggressive than females born to litters without males or girls born next to other females."  Position in the uterus appears to have certain temporary and lasting effects on puppies."

So, Ellie's litter of four girls ought to produce pups with no male influence whatsoever!  Therefore, they should never complain, growl, fuss, chase squirrels, bark at the UPS guy, and will be a totally housetrained pup by the time they reach their new homes at 8 weeks!  Doesn't that sound great?  I wish we had more of those pups to go around! 

I use a software program that allows me to track traits, temperament, weight, etc. of each litter.  We will see what the results are 3 years from now!

3.  How We Time Our Breedings!

Timing ovulation is a difficult task in our mamma dogs!  Measuring the progesterone level in the blood is a job for the vet.  A series of daily blood tests can be taken in order to help pinpoint the day of ovulation.  Then, you fertilize (breed) the eggs 48 hours later! We have never used this method.

We did try a "Hi Tech" method called the Draminski Dog Ovulation Detector.  Testing is done two times daily and according to readings, you breed the female.  We bought one, but it never worked for us.  Maybe we were not using it correctly.  Maybe we just simply felt the "Darby Gauge" was more accurate!

The most reliable method for us is Darby's nose!  We know the heat schedule of our females and we watch them closely.  If we are going to breed them, we use the "Darby Gauge" to tell us when to breed.  Of course, we use artificial insemination in our breeding program.  Over the years, we have been so blessed that we have never missed a breeding.  The "Darby Gauge" has been 100% reliable.

"The most common problem I see breeders deal with in reproduction is the timing in getting a bitch pregnant," says Frances Smith, D.V.M., Ph.D., a board-certified small animal reproduction specialist, in Burnsville, MN.  In fact, even when both the dog and bitch are healthy and you breed at the right time, 15 percent of the time the mating still won't result in a litter."

Based on that quote, we have been really blessed!  The Darby Gauge does work!

4.  Did You Know?

Some seem to think that the Skye Terrier is the oldest of all breeds of terriers (but not as we know it today) and that the West Highland White, or "Westie" as he is commonly called, is the newest of terrier breeds.

The small white dog that we know today as the "Westie" actually owes its rise in popularity to a hunting accident. It is said that around the year 1860, Colonel Malcolm was out hunting with his favorite terrier, a reddish-brown dog. While the dog was running through the bush, he was mistaken for a hare and was shot and killed. The Colonel was so grieved by the loss of his dog that he decided to propagate only the whites in his kennel. It took a great many years for the Malcolm family to develop the white strain that we know today as the West Highland White Terrier.

5.  Barks and Cats Pet Products!

Barks and Cats Co. is a unique online pet boutique developed by Lisa Allie, the owner of two Westies and a Bishon Frise.  Barks and Cats Co. caters to the indulged, au courant pet that enjoys sophisticated pet accessories at affordable prices.  She has a great website from which you can select designer small dog carriers, chic dog clothes including dog t-shirts, dog sweaters, dog coats and more, dazzling dog jewelry, modish dog collars and cat collars, harnesses and leads, charming dog bowls and cat bowls, lip-smacking gourmet dog treats, luxurious dog shampoo and spa items, amusing dog toys and cat toys, and of course, lavish, comfy designer dog beds and cat beds...More!

6.  Westie Supplies!

We get multitudes of emails asking what we call typical Westie questions.  We have questions about behavior problems, what kind of shampoo we use, food we feed, grooming questions, and the dreaded questions about skin/allergy problems, etc.  Be sure to see our "Westie Supplies" page.

7.  Alister To Be Re-Homed!

Alister is 16 months old and is being re-homed.  His owner has had a lifestyle change, drives 45 minutes each way to work and is no longer able to give Alister the attention he needs daily.


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