Down South Westies Monthly Newsletter

What's New This June!

June 1, 2005



















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In This Issue:

1.  Update On Cordy and Sprinkles' Pups!

2.  Did You Know?

3.  Adopt A Westie!

4.  Toxic Threats!

5.   Send Us A Photo!

6.  Westie Supplies!

7.  Got Your Pup Yet?

1. Update on Cordy and Sprinkles' Pups!

Cordy and Sprinkles' nine pups, born two days apart, are doing great and will soon go to their new homes.  Montana spends a lot of time playing with the pups.  They sure get their socialization!  All the pups are right smack dab in the middle of family life.  They have all been placed and go to GA, LA, NY, TX, FL, and Canada.

Click here to see Cordy's page!

Click here to see Sprinkles' page!

2. Did You Know?

A dog's sense of smell is 100,000 times stronger than a human's!

Always ask a dog's owner if you may pet the dog!

Gabby and Bailey are Down South Westie pups that live with Steve and Kathy in TN.  They are celebrating their first birthday.  Their mom and dad are Down South's Gigi and Darby.

3.  Adopt A Westie!

Sometimes, it just doesn't work out!  Over the years, there have been people who have contacted us asking if we could help with their troubled Westie.  Even though they were not a Down South Westie, we are always willing to offer help.  We have also helped place a special needs Westie with people on our wait list.  Knowing that they will come off our wait list if they get a rescue, we are still willing to help a family in need who cannot take care of a special needs Westie.  We care about the Westie and are always willing to help.  We have several hundred people on this WestieGram list and there is always someone who has what is needed to care for a special needs Westie.  If you know of someone who needs to place a special needs Westie, let us know if you think we can help.

4.  Toxic Threats!

What happens if you drop an aspirin, Motrin, Advil, or Tylenol on the kitchen floor, forget to pick it up, and your Westie eats it?  Vets say that it can result in severe gastrointestinal and kidney damage.  Bloody bowel movements, bloody vomit, abdominal pain, and anorexia are potential signs of toxicity.  Food items that can be toxic to your Westie are chocolate, garlic, and onions.  You would think a Westie would not eat an onion or garlic, but who knows?  Another hazzard is the garbage.  Rotting food is a concentrated source of bacteria.  Don't forget about insecticides and lawn chemicals.  One other thing:  A curious Westie may take apart your TV remote and chew on the batteries.  A battery has the potential to cause toxicity, as well as esophageal tearing. 

5.  Send Us A Photo!

We designed our "Friends" page to allow you to send us pictures of your Westie, even if it is not a Down South Westie.  We will post your picture and comments for 30 days.  When you send me a picture, be sure to comment that it is for the "Friends" page.  We love hearing from Westie friends and enjoy posting your pictures.  Let us hear from you soon.

6.  Westie Supplies!

We get multitudes of emails asking what we call typical Westie questions.  We have questions about what kind of shampoo we use, dog food we feed, grooming questions, and the dreaded questions about skin/allergy problems, etc.  Be sure to see our "Westie Supplies" page.

Another good source is our "Links" page where you can get info related to puppy care, doggie manners, pet friendly motels, grooming, AKC site, as well as "Ask A Vet".  I have just added an interesting Animal Behaviorist site.

Also, we have a lot of info on our "WestieGram" page.  There are past WestieGrams that might answer one of your questions.  Check it out!

7.  Got Your Pup Yet?

Due to our long wait list, we know some may grow impatient in waiting for one of our pups.  If you are on our wait list and have gotten your pup from another breeder, please let us know.  If you are growing impatient, please feel free to get your pup elsewhere, but please contact us so we can keep our wait list up-to-date.  There are a lot of good breeders out there who have a very good, healthy line of Westies.