Down South Westies Monthly Newsletter

What's New This May!

May 1, 2005




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In This Issue:

1.  Cordy and Sprinkles Have New Pups!

2.  Internet Rumors About Dogs: Truth Or Fiction?

3.   Send Us A Photo!

4.  Westie Supplies

5.  Litters Full Of MALES!

6.  Got Your Pup Yet?

7.  Food and Treats Reminder!

1. Cordy And Sprinkles Have New Pups!

Cordy had 3 males and one female pup on Tuesday, April 26.  Sprinkles had 4 males and one female pup on Thursday, April 28.  The live in MS with our daughter and family.  Down South's Darby is the proud dad. 

We will post more pictures in a couple of days.  We try to let the moms rest and the pups nurse as much as possible for a couple of days.  Then we begin taking pictures and updating the website.

Click here to see Cordy's page!

Click here to see Sprinkles' page!

2. Internet Rumors About Dogs:  Truth or Fiction?

Thanks to the Web, information and misinformation is spreading faster than ever before. Anyone with an internet connection and an email address is susceptible to a daily bombardment of news flashes, hoaxes, gossip, rumors, and urban legends, and it’s often difficult to discern what’s believable and what should be immediately dumped into your inbox’s “Trash.”       See Full Article...  

3.  Send Us A Photo!

We designed our "Friends" page to allow you to send us pictures of your Westie, even if it is not a Down South Westie.  We will post your picture and comments for 30 days.  When you send me a picture, be sure to comment that it is for the "Friends" page.  We love hearing from Westie friends and enjoy posting your pictures.  Let us hear from you soon.

4.  Westie Supplies!

We get multitudes of emails asking about what we call typical Westie questions.  We have questions about what kind of shampoo we use, dog food we feed, grooming questions, and the dreaded questions about skin/allergy problems, etc.  Be sure to see our "Westie Supplies" page.

Another good source is our "Links" page where you can get info related to puppy care, doggie manners, pet friendly motels, grooming, AKC site, as well as "Ask A Vet".

Also, we have a lot of info on our "WestieGram" page.  There are past WestieGrams that might answer one of your questions.

5.  Litters full of MALES!

Our past three litters have been predominantly male pups.  Of course, we are blaming Darby for this!  As dad, it is all his fault.  I have spoken with him, but he pays no attention.  Even though I told him many of you are awaiting a female pup, he pays no mind!  We have momentarily closed our female wait list so we can catch up.  Our male list is rather long, but since the last three litters have been predominantly male, we have been able to provide male pups for some on the wait list.  If you grow impatient, feel free to get a pup elsewhere.  Just be sure to let us know so we can move on to the next person on the list. 

6.  Got Your Pup Yet?

If you are on our wait list and have gotten your pup from another breeder, please let us know.  If you grow impatient, please feel free to get your pup elsewhere, but please contact us so we can keep our wait list up-to-date.  There are a lot of good breeders out there who have a very good, healthy line of Westies.

7.  Food and Treats Reminder!

It is very important that you feed your Westie dog food that does not contain wheat, corn, or beef.  Even the treats you give them should be free of these items also.