Down South Westies Monthly Newsletter

What's New This March!

March 12, 2005







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In This Issue:

1.   We Made It To GA!

2.   Francie's Pups!

3.   Westie Dental Care!

4.   Send Us A Photo!

1. We Made It To GA!

We have made our transition to Conyers, GA and are excited to be here.  As many of you know, I am in a new position as Associate Pastor/Minister of Education.  I served in my former church 18 years before moving to GA.  This move has been a very difficult decision to make.  We left our daughter and family behind.  That is also where Sprinkles and Cordy live.  We bought a two-story house with a basement just for our dogs.  We are re-arranging the basement in an effort to get things just right.  You can be assured that all of our Westies are are living in the lap of luxury.   

2. Francie's Pups!

Francie and her five pups are all doing just fine.  They are 11 days old and have begun opening their eyes.  Their hearing will begin in a few days.  You can see her pups at:

3. Westie Dental Care!

Occasionally, someone asks us about dental care for their Westie.  Regular dental check ups should be a part of your Westie's annual physical examination.  By the age of three, 80% of dogs show some signs of a dental problem.  A common misconception is dogs have naturally stinky mouths.  Unpleasant breath odor is often a sign of periodontal disease, a gum inflammation that can lead to bleeding gums, tooth loss, and more serious illnesses such as heart, liver, and kidney disease.  Food designed to clean teeth and regular veterinary and home care can help reduce plaque and tartar buildup and maintain fresh breath so when your dog is near you can smile instead of cringe.  Feeding your dog canned meat actually contributes to problems while kibble helps clean the teeth and break away plaque and tartar buildup.

I am not sure why, but vets say you should not use human tooth paste for your dogs.  I know some who do and have done so for years, but we use a poultry flavored doggie toothpaste with our Westies.

4.  Send Us A Photo!

We designed our "Friends" page to allow you to send us pictures of your Westie, even if it is not a Down South Westie.  We will post your picture and comments for 30 days.  When you send me a picture, be sure to comment that it is for the "Friends" page.  We love hearing from Westie friends and enjoy posting your pictures.  Let us hear from you soon.

NOTE:  As you know, on our contract we have the statement that if for some reason you cannot take care of the Westie you acquired from Down South Westies, we will take him/her back.  It is important to us that all of our pups are cared for.  Take a look at Cammie: