Down South Westies Monthly Newsletter

What's New This February!

February 13, 2005













Luna enjoys her first day in WA with her new mom, Terri.














Dixie poses for Fred and Marilyn to take a picture after  her trip to the groomer.  She's a doll!  Dixie lives in OK.  The proud parents are Francie and Darby.



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In This Issue:

1.        Down South Westies Love GA!

2.   Gigi's Pups Go Home!

3.        Francie's Pups Are Due Early March!

4.    Puppy Transportation!

5.    Properly Groomed Westies!

6.    Questions People Ask!

7.    Give Us An Update!

8.    Send Us A Photo!

NOTE:  As you have noticed, I did not get out a January WestieGram.  During January, I lived in GA for almost a month before moving Linda and our clan.  We are back on course!  Follow this link to see all of our WestieGrams.

1. Down South Westies Love GA!

We have made our transition to Conyers, GA and are excited to be here.  As many of you know, I am in a new position as Associate Pastor/Minister of Education.  I served in my former church 18 years before moving to GA.  This move has been a very difficult decision to make.  We left our daughter and family behind.  That is also where Sprinkles and Cordy live.  We bought a two-story house with a basement just for our dogs.  We are re-arranging the basement in an effort to get things just right.  You can be assured that Ellie, Francie, and Gigi are living in the lap of luxury downstairs.  Chloe and Darby live upstairs. 

2. Gigi's Pups Go Home!

Two of Gigi's pups left for their new homes at 9 weeks.  Murphy flew home with his new parents to MO while Luna flew home with her new mom to WA.  The third male pup will go home with his new parents at 10 weeks to TN.  It will be one year before we breed Gigi again.  She is a gorgeous, healthy mom and is a very loving dog.  Hopefully, we will have a CH out of this litter!

3. Francie's Pups Are Due Early March!

Francie will have her pups around March 7 and we look forward to another busy time.  As you know, we sleep next to our moms when they are close to delivery.  We are with them every step of the way and they depend on us to take care of them.  We will keep the site updated, so keep check as the time approaches.  It will be a year before we breed Francie again.

4. Puppy Transportation!

Since moving to GA, we have decided that we will no longer air flight our pups.  Atlanta is very convenient for air travel.  You can get a motel and travel to Conyers on the Airport Perimeter Connection.  It costs $45 per passenger or $55 for two passengers to a Conyers hotel.  If you stay closer to the airport the cost is $23 to $33.  We pass along to you a fee of $45 for the Health Certificate required by the airline.  If you already are on our wait list, we will honor that, and will air flight your pup if there are no other solutions.

5.  Properly Groomed Westies!

As you can tell from the picture of Dixie on the left, being properly groomed is very important.  If you learn to do your own grooming, you will learn to do a better job, be able to do it when needed, and you and your dog will simply enjoy it. Do your research to learn how to do your own hand stripping or use a Mars Coat King.  If done properly, it is not uncomfortable for your dog.  You might want to consider buying a grooming table and arm.  PetSmart has them at a reasonable price and you get a 15% discount right now.  Click on the banner below and search for "grooming tables":

6. Questions People Ask!

Quite often, people ask us questions concerning the products we use with our Westies.  I designed the "Westies Supplies" page to answer those questions from our perspective.  All breeders have their own way of doing things.  This information is tried and proven as far as we are concerned.  It works for us.  
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7. Give Us An Update!

If you have a Down South Westie pup, please give us an update!  We receive many emails and pictures of our pups.  E-mail us pictures and we will post them on the Friends page for 30 days.  Keep us informed about your pup's progress.  We enjoy hearing from you.

8.  Send Us A Photo!

We designed our "Friends" page to allow you to send us pictures of your Westie, even if it is not a Down South Westie.  We will post your picture and comments for 30 days.  When you send me a picture, be sure to comment that it is for the "Friends" page.  We love hearing from Westie friends and enjoy posting your pictures.  Let us hear from you soon.


Linda with the grandkids at Christmas.  Brandi is a senior in high school, Montana is a first grader, and Ella is 16 months.