Down South Westies Monthly Newsletter

What's New This November

November 15, 2004


Montana and Sprinkles' pups












In This Issue:

1.        It's A Busy Time Of Year!

2.   Sprinkles' Pups Go To Their New Homes!

3.        Gigi is Expecting!

4.        Questions People Ask!

5.        Give Us An Update!

1. It's A Busy Time Of Year!

November and December are exciting days!  Not only do we have opportunity to "give thanks" for all of God's blessings, we also get to celebrate the birth of Jesus. At our church we spend a lot of time and energies this time of year.  We just shipped off over 250 shoe boxes filled with toys for kids around the world.  We participate each year with the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child.  We participate in Angel Tree and provide gifts for kids who have a parent in prison.  These gifts are given in the name of the parent.  We select names of "Angels" from the Christmas tree and buy the gifts the kids have listed.  It's an exciting ministry!

Linda and I hope for you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

2. Sprinkles' Pups Go To Their New Homes!

Sprinkles' pups will go to their new homes the first week in December.  Pink Baby...Perkie, will go to live with Janice and family in MS and Yellow Baby goes to live with Allison and family in GA.  The two pups are pictured with Montana.

3. Gigi Is Expecting!

Gigi is due to have pups the second week in December.  We will not breed her again for one year.  Her pups are already booked.  Her last litter consisted of a male and female.  They are gorgeous pups as you can tell from their picture!

Bailey and Gabby live in TN with Steve and Kathy.

4. Questions People Ask!

Quite often, people ask us questions concerning the products we use with our Westies.  I designed the "Westies Supply" page to answer those questions from our perspective.  All breeders have their own way of doing things.  This information is tried and proven as far as we are concerned.  It works for us.  
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5. Give Us An Update!

If you have a Down South Westie pup, please give us an update!  We receive many emails and pictures of our pups.  E-mail us pictures and we will post them on the Friends page for 30 days.  Keep us informed about your pup's progress.  We enjoy hearing from you.