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July 1, 2004






















































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In This Issue:  

1.    Gigi’s Litter of 2!
2.    Ellie Had A Litter of 4!
3.    The Vet’s Bill!
4.    Westie Care Items!
5.    Westie Books On Website!


1.     Gigi’s Litter of 2!


Both Pink Baby (AKA Gabby) and Blue Baby (AKA Bailey) go to live with Steven and Kathy in TN.   Gigi is our smallest mom and weighs 14 pounds.

Click here to see Gigi’s pups!

2.  Ellie Had A Litter of 4!



Ellie’s 3 girls go to live with Vicki and Hal in MS, Michelle in TN, and Valerie in CA.  The boy goes to live with Bernard and Sharon in LA.  

Click here to see Ellie's pups!

3.  The Vet’s Bill

I borrowed this clip from Tippy and Alfred.  I thought you might enjoy!     

A man's dog is hit by a car, so he takes it to the vet. The vet
says, "Sorry sir, but your dog is dead."

The owner, upset, say's "I want a second opinion."

The vet opens the door and a labrador comes walking in.
The dog walks around the dead dog,  barks,
then leaves the room.

The vet looks at the owner of the dead dog, "Sorry sir, your
dog is dead."

Still unsatisfied, the owner says “I want a third opinion.”  The vet
walks to the door again and opens it.  A cat comes in to the
room and walks around the dead dog,  meows, and then
leaves the room.

The vet again, turns to the owner, "Sorry sir, your dog is dead."
The owner turns and walks out of the room and up to the front
desk, and gets the bill. He became horrified at the price.

He turns to the vet, "$600 dollars? For what?" The vet looks at
the owner and says, "It would have been only 50 dollars for me,
but you wanted the LAB test and CAT scan.”

4.  Westie Care Items!

Many people ask us what items we suggest for grooming and daily care for their pups.  Grooming should begin in earnest at about 3 months, put pups should be brushed out daily.  If the ears are not standing by the time they leave for their new home, it is important to shave the hair on both sides of the ear about 1 inch from the top of  the ear.  It is amazing how that little bit of weight can keep ears from standing.  The following is a list of the items we use:

·         Slicker brush
·         Nail clippers
·         Comb
·         Mars Coat King
·         Ear cleaner
·         Scissors for trimming
·         Razor combs to trim the ears
·         Kalaya Emu Oil Shampoo
·         Super White Coat Brightener Shampoo
·         Lite-N-Easy Cream Rinse Conditioner
·         Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate gel caps
·         Four Paws Brewers Yeast with Garlic
·         Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Lamb Meal and Rice Food
·         Distilled water
·         Advantage flea treatment
·         Chew toys

5. Westie Books On Website! 

Be sure to check out our  “Westie Books” page.  You will find good reading about your Westie as well as some books for the kids from  Enjoy!

West Highland White Terriers (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
Ingrid Bolle-Kleinbub; Paperback; Out of Print--Limited Availability; Buy New: $6.95

McDuff's New Friend
Rosemary Wells; Hardcover; Usually ships within 24 hours; Buy New: $10.36


NOTE:  Those of you who have a Down South Westies pup, send us an update!  We would love some pictures also.






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