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   June 1, 2004











































In This Issue:

1.    Cordy Had A Litter of 3!
2.    Chloe Had A Litter of 4!
3.    Petting a Pooch Can Lift Your Mood!
4.    Westie Books On Website!

 1.    Cordy Had A Litter of 3!

Montana and Cordy's three pups enjoy a beautiful sunny day.

Pink Baby, AKA Sugar Booger, goes to live with D. J. and Trudy in AL.   Blue Baby and Green Baby both go to TN to live with Dan and family and Audrey and Rick.

Follow this link to see Cordy's pups:  Cordy’s Litter

2.  Chloe Had A Litter of 4!

Click on this link to see Chloe's pups:  Chloe’s Litter

Blue Baby goes to live with Lee in AL.  The three girls will live with Jerry and Alice in MS, Ashley in MS, and Raymond in FL.  It will be a year before we breed Chloe again.

3.  Petting a Pooch Can Lift Your Mood

Spending time with your dog may help fight depression.  Giving your dog a good tummy rub may do more than just make Fido feel better.  New research shows people may also reap the benefits of petting a pooch, and you don't even have to roll over.  Researchers found petting a dog prompted levels of the "feel good" hormone serotonin to rise in humans and may help fight depression.

"Our preliminary results indicate that levels of serotonin, a hormone in humans that helps fight depression, rise dramatically after interaction with live animals, specifically dogs," says researcher Rebecca Johnson, professor of nursing and veterinary medicine at the University of Missouri-Columbia, in a news release. "This hormone is critical in the psychological well-being of an individual. In addition, we have discovered that there is no substitute for the real thing."

The study also tested the effects of petting a robotic dog and showed interacting with an electronic dog actually caused serotonin levels to drop.

Researchers say the findings provide further evidence that having a dog as a pet can offer valuable social support and companionship.

Johnson presented the findings at the Companion Animals: Fountains of Health conference at Barcelona Autonomous University last month.

One More Reason Dogs Are Man's Best Friends

"In addition to serotonin, we also are seeing increases in the amounts of prolactin and oxytocin, more of those 'feel good' hormones," says Johnson.

"Our research also is trying to determine what types of people would best benefit from being with animals," says Johnson. "By showing this benefit, we can help pet-assisted therapy become a medically accepted intervention that might be prescribed to patients."

"We also need to study how the animals react to this attention," says Johnson. "It's important to know when we take dogs to nursing homes or hospitals for therapy if they are feeling any kind of stress. We need to find the right balance where both animals and humans can benefit from interacting with each other." Click here to see some Pet Therapy dogs:  Pet Therapy Dogs


4. Westie Books On Website! 

Be sure to check out our new “Westie Books” page.  You will find good reading about your Westie as well as some books for the kids from  Enjoy!

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