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March 1, 2004




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Featuring Abby’s Pups!

Pups will go to their new homes 
the week of March 15.

  Red Baby..."Cash"

 Black Baby

White Baby..."Murdoch"

 Blue Baby..."Boomer"

Yellow Baby..."MacKenzie"

In This Issue:

1.    Abby’s Pups!
2.    Weaning Puppies!
3.    Westie Books On Website!


1.   Abby’s Pups

Abby’s pups will leave for their new homes the middle of March.  This litter has once again been a great experience.  Abby is such a sweet, loving mom.  She has certainly attended the pups, but has begun spending less time in the whelping box nursing the pups.  Because of that, we have moved them to larger quarters so they can romp and play in the Doggie House.  We allow Abby to go into their quarters only at intervals because we have begun the weaning process.  We have lowered the temperature in their quarters.  At birth, we keep the temp on 83 degrees, but now we keep the temp around 75 degrees.  The Doggie House is thermostatically controlled both winter and summer.

Red Baby goes to MS, White Baby goes to LA, Black Baby goes to FL, Blue Baby goes to FL, and Yellow Baby goes to MD.  We stay in close contact with expectant families keeping them informed as well as providing updated photos.  It is definitely a full time job.  Linda spends hours taking care of the dogs as well as the pups.  It is such a rewarding experience to communicate with families for months, and then see some of them as they come pick up their pup.  Others, we never meet personally, but we feel we know them after months of communication.  Check out www.downsouthwesties.com/abby’s_pups.htm to see photos of Abby and her pups.

2. Weaning Puppies!

I thought you might be interested in how we wean our pups!  Weaning is an important part of puppy care.  The method and timing can have life-long effects on the babies.  We strive to be sure our pups develop properly, emotionally and socially.  Timing is very important.

At about three weeks, we begin to give the pups a mixture of milk and baby cereal.  We mix a can of Carnation Milk, a can of filtered water, and an egg yoke.  To this milk formula, we add some baby cereal, increasing the cereal each day as the pups adjust and learn how to lap the milk.  We begin to notice about this time that mom always begins to spend less time nursing the pups because mother nature is leading her to begin the weaning process.  They are now interested in more than just nursing, they are busy exploring their environment.  Their eyes usually open at two weeks and their hearing a little later.  We gently handle them to enhance their social development while they learn to be more accepting of people.  After a few days, we begin to offer them puppy food, soaked in water along with some canned puppy food.  This sometimes gets messy, but we carefully clean their faces after every meal.  During this time, mom usually spends even less time with the pups.

We take the process of weaning slowly so mom’s mammary glands do not get inflamed nor the pups experience anxiety as a result of weaning.  As the puppy ages, more time is spent away from mom, and soon, they are on their own!  By six weeks, we let the pups spend time with mom, but see that they do not nurse.  Sometimes, we have to pull a pup or two off mom.  She will allow them to start nursing, then immediately move away from them.  Soon, pups know if they are to be near mom, no nursing allowed!

By this time the pups are 8 weeks old and ready for their new homes.

3. Westie Books On Website! 

Be sure to check out our new “Westie Books” page.  You will find good reading about your Westie as well as some books for the kids from Amazon.com.  Enjoy!

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