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What's New This January!

February 4, 2004




If you haven’t checked out our website lately, we have new pictures of our dogs as well as info about Westie books for you and the kids!


 Featuring Ellie’s Pups!

They will go to their new homes on Friday, February 6.

Miss Ellie did a fine job in delivering these 5 pups!









In This Issue:

1.    Abby’s New Pups!

2.    Westie Books On Website!


1.  Abby’s New Pups!

Abby had five beautiful and healthy pups early in the morning hours of Tuesday, January 20.  

I (Thomas) spent the night with her on a pallet as she neared delivery.  It was about 2 AM when I called Linda on the radio and she came out to perform the delivery.  You see, the only way I can help is to stay up all night and call Linda, my very special “Doggie Midwife”.  She does say I am a good “assistant”, but I just think she is being nice!  She spends many hours with them and I do what I can.  By 7 AM, she had delivered all those healthy pups.  They are strong and are nursing eagerly.  We weighed them at birth and then daily to keep up with their weight gain.  They are all gaining weight and seem to be perfect.  Anyhow, that’s what the vet said!  And mom, Abby, is also!

All of Abby’s pups are already booked.  They go to MS, MD, LA, and FL.

The problem with having so many males is that those of you who are awaiting females have been bumped further down the list. 

We always enjoy getting to know new families that adopt one of our pups.  We will meet new families on Friday coming as they come to pick up Ellie’s pups.  We have enjoyed communicating with them and plan to continue as they send us photos of the pups in the years to come.  Remember, I have a new page on my website where you can send a photo of your pup or adult Westie (whether it came from Down South Westies or not) and I will post it for 30 days.  (

We have closed circuit TV and we can watch Abby and the pups from our bedroom TV.  Abby is careful to keep their stomachs full.  They nurse a lot!  Linda supplements their feedings and that takes about an hour each time and she does that 4 times a day.  Add that up and you get 4 hours just in supplement feeding plus all else that she does in caring for the whole gang.  She is a great MOM!

We are anticipating four more litters in the spring and summer.

2. Westie Books On Website! 

Be sure to check out our new “Westie Books” page.  You will find good reading about your Westie as well as some books for the kids from  Enjoy!

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