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What's New This December

December 10, 2003



If you haven’t checked out our website lately, we have new pictures of our dogs as well as info about Westie books for you and the kids!




Girls, Pink Baby and Green Baby





     Boys, Red Baby, Yellow Baby,      and Blue Baby







In This Issue:

1.    Introducing Brand New Litters!  

1.  Introducing Brand New Litters!

Mom Chloe is doing extra well as she continues to tend to her 5 babies, born on Sunday, November 2.  She had two girls and three boys.  They are all growing and changing daily.  They are beginning to try to walk and are more aware of their surroundings.  


Cordy had a “one pup” litter on Sunday, October 26.  Michelle and Linda delivered her into the world and she has not stopped growing since!  Since she is an only pup, there is not a shortage of nourishment.  She is a beautiful, healthy pup and will be going to live in Birmingham, AL. 


Cordy’s Katie 

We continue to add people to our wait list.  Those of you who will be receiving Chloe and Cordy’s pups have been on our wait list a long time and thanks for your patience.  Pups are going to Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan, Texas, Florida, and Alabama.  The new families are all driving or flying to pick up their new family member.

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