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My Journey With God Through Cancer!

Since I am in cancer treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX we are no longer breeding Westies.

Hope you find your special pup!


Westie Characteristics


Westie Puppies Will Steal Your Heart!

Westie puppies have been a big part of our lives for several years as former breeders of AKC West Highland White Terriers. We were blessed with a very healthy breedline with excellent temperaments. We have puppies all over the US and Canada and still keep in contact with many families. Since we no longer breed Westies, we still enjoy our dogs and spend lots of time with them.

There are certain Westie questions that you, the buyer, and AKC Westie Breeders should ask in order to determine if their puppies are right for you and if you are right for their puppies. The health, happiness, and well-being of every puppy is very important, and breeders should be careful to ensure that puppies go to capable, knowledgeable, loving, and permanent homes... <<More>>

  Pictures of puppies from past litters <<More>>

This site is filled with photos and informative articles and training videos about Westies. Enjoy!

Quite often people ask us questions concerning the Westie products we use.  The Westie Supplies page is designed to answer those questions from our perspective.  All Westie breeders have their own way of doing things. This information is tried and proven as far as we are concerned. It works for us.
As much as Linda and I love our Down South Westies, they are not the answer to the question, "What matters most?" Our relationship to God is the most important aspect of our lives. I trusted Christ as Savior and Lord of my life when I was almost 18 years old. My life has never been the same since... <<More>>

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Table of Contents

My Westie Has Diarrhea Ė I can hear his stomach making noises! Can Pumpkin Help?
When should you get concerned when your Westie has diarrhea? As a general rule of thumb, if there is blood or mucous, there should be concern. If there is a lot of straining and there is liquid shooting out, this can dehydrate your Westie quite quickly. . . <<MORE>>
Serious Grooming for people in Conyers - Covington, GA by Sirius Mobile Grooming!
In late October, Linda went on her annual trek. She and her two sisters meet up in FL and have a good time. This time she took our daughter and granddaughter. It, I'm sure, was a genuine Hen Party. The closer it came to Friday (grooming day) the more uneasy I got. I had run back and forth all week long from work to home to take care of Chloe, Darby, and Paris. During that time I went by the vet's office to pick up some meds and saw a business card of a Mobile Groomer. I reached over, picked it up, and stuffed it into my pocket . . . <<MORE>>
Canine Kennel Cough
"Kennel Cough" is a highly contagious disease that is prevalent in domestic dogs and wild canids worldwide. . . Up until recently, the term was applied to most upper respiratory conditions in dogs in the United States. Nowadays, the condition is known as tracheobronchitis, canine infectious tracheobronchitis, Bordetellosis, or Bordetella. . . <<MORE>>
Springtime Allergies
s Chloeís Sneezing and Nasal Discharge!
Chloe has never had signs of allergy problems, so we assumed it was because of springtime pollen and would be temporary. But it soon became more than just sneezing. She awakened in the night . . . <<MORE>>
Preventing Westie Beard Stains
There are a few possible reasons a Westie or other white dogs get those nasty stains on the beard and paws. Read about possible causes and solutions.

Canine Neuter FAQs

There are several health benefits to neutering. One of the most important concerns the prostate gland, which under the influence of testosterone will gradually enlarge over the course of the dogís life. . . <<MORE>
Canine Spay FAQs
Surgical sterilization of the female dog, commonly referred to as spaying, is one of the most significant aspects of female dog care an owner can provide. The benefits to the dog FAR outweigh simply not having puppies, though as pet over-populations looms as a societal problem it is important to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. . . <<MORE>>
Westie Puppy Socialization
Socializing a Westie Puppy is particularly important in the early weeks of the pupís life. It is generally concluded that this period, which extends from approximately the fourth to the twelfth week, is the optimum time for the dog to develop social attachments.
How To Socialize Westie Puppies
Puppies need their mom and the other littermates. They canít regulate their own body temperature very well, so they must have a warm place to sleep. We keep the temp in the Whelping Room about 85 degrees the first 2 weeks. They donít do much except sleep and nurse. We handle them sparingly during the first two weeks.
Whelping Puppies
Follow the day by day diary of Ellie's whelping process. We have one room set aside for the nursery and that is where Ellie has been moved.  We observe her closely and keep check on her temperature. It has not started dropping yet, so she still has a few days to go. She is really big and uncomfortable. We will soon place her whelping box in the room with her. <<MORE>>
How To Select A Westie Breeder
Once you've decided to add a new member to your family, the work has only begun! If you have chosen a Westie, be sure to do your research. A Westie is not for everyone. There are three steps that are very important. <<MORE>>
Looking For A Westie?
If you are seriously searching for a pup, there are some things you need to do. <<MORE>>
How To Tape Westie Puppy Floppy Ears
Normally, your pup's ears will stand up within 8 - 12 weeks, although it may rarely take up to six months for the cartilage to become strong enough to hold the ears up. <<MORE>>
Dry Cleaning Your Westie
When you don't have time to give your Westie a bath, you can "dry clean" him. <<MORE>>
Care For Pregnant Moms
As former breeders, we were very careful in our breeding program to be sure that our dogs were a good representation of the Westie Standard before we bred.  Breeding is not difficult at all, but it is very important that breeding not take place if the mom or dad are not healthy nor are not good representations of the breed.  Some breeders are horrendously over-breeding Westies. <<MORE>>
Puppy Healthcare
When in any doubt about your Westie's health, call a vet immediately. It costs nothing to speak with them on the phone, and very little for a check-up.  BE SAFE NOT SORRY! <<MORE>>
Articles For Breeders
I believe it is very important that Westie breeders be honest and truthful in dealing with future families of their pups. We should strive daily to live up to expectations of a "reputable breeder". <<MORE>>
Spay/Neuter Fashion Wear
I was in the vet's office today getting Miss Chloe checked out and I saw one of the techs bring out a Lab that had just had a spay and she was wearing one of those weird looking Elizabethan Collars. She was so embarrassed! <<MORE>>
What To Expect The First Year
When we bred Westies, our moms received tremendous care every day, but especially during the days before and after whelping a litter of pups. We were with them every step of the way.  For the first few weeks the pup's whole world consists of his mom's quite, nurturing warmth and the close comfort of littermates. <<MORE>>
Choosing A Vet
When we need a service performed (on anything), the first port of call is usually the Yellow Pages (or their equivalent). Pick up the book and find someone who is close to you. Right? But would you take your kids to a Doctor you don't know? Perhaps if you have just moved to a new town and you don't know anyone, you might. Here are some tips in helping you choose a vet for your dog, who is after all, part of the family. <<MORE>>
Westie Etiquette: Be A Picker Upper

You know what makes me mad? You know what really makes me have a bad day? Stepping in dog poop in the dark, just before daylight, on my daily walk with Linda and our three Westies. We always carry pick up bags for our dogs and pick up their poop. All dogs poop! <<MORE>>

New Potty Approach

What do you do when it is pouring down rain and your sweet Westie needs to potty? Get the umbrella and begin the chore! I always have problems managing the umbrella and leash all at the same time, especially being sure my sweet Westie doesn't get wet. <<MORE>>

Traveling With Your Westie

More than ever before, people are including their pets when traveling or on family vacations. Our dogs have traveled with us to several states over the years and they are always on their best behavior! <<MORE>>

Sleeping With Westies

Research indicates that around 50% of dogs sleep with their owners. If you had told me 15 years ago that we would be sharing our king size bed with Miss Chloe, Darby, and Paris, I would have laughed at you. I mean, after all, three dogs? <<MORE>>

Grooming Should Be A Routine

Westies love a structured schedule!  Even though your routine is hectic, busy, and full of surprises, it is to your advantage to have a structured routine for your Westie. <<MORE>>

Grooming your Westie

You should start getting your Westie pup accustomed to all the grooming routines from the day your bring him home. With puppies, you need to keep the grooming time down to two to three minutes until he gets accustomed to a grooming session. <<MORE>>

Who's Top Dog In Your House?

I'm sure you don't need statistics to tell you that your dog probably runs your life, but it's a fact backed by the recently published AKC 21st Century Dog Owners Study, focusing on the behaviors, attitudes, and purchasing habits of dog owners. <<MORE>>

Artificial Insemination

I am always amazed at the way some people react when they find out that we artificially inseminated our females instead of allowing them to breed naturally. <<MORE>>

Westie Skin Problems and Allergies

We humans aren't the only ones who can suffer from allergies. Allergies affect many different mammals, including dogs. Dogs have long suffered from allergies that come from many different sources. <<MORE>>

Housetraining Your Westie Puppy

Housetraining comes down to one simple skill: being a good doggy time manager. This means making sure your puppy is in the right place (inside on paper or outside on grass or concrete) at the right time (when he needs to eliminate) and rewarding it for eliminating in the right spot. <<MORE>>

Urine Marking Tips

Dog marking is an instinctive behavior so it's a normal thing they must do. A dog leaves its scent in urine to tell other dogs a message; it could be about whose territory it is or is about the dog's social order or advertising mating availability. <<MORE>>

Dog Training Tips That Work

There are many, many ways to approach training your dog. You could hire out a professional trainer (expensive...ouch!). You could enroll in a less expensive class (time-consuming...ugh!). Or you could carve out the time from your own busy schedule and do-it-yourself (can you spell commitment?). <<MORE>>

Anxious Pup Calming Aids

Pets become stressed for many different reasons Ė a trip to the vet, dog shows, travel, unfamiliar guests in the house, being separated during your absence, loud noises like thunder or fireworks, or even from sensing their owner's mood swings. <<MORE>>

Westie Puppy Photos

Over all the years we raised West Highland White Terrier puppies in our home with the family. They were lovingly handled from birth, producing dogs with exceptional temperaments that are very devoted to their owners. Check out the pictures of Cordy and Ellie's last letters. <<MORE>>

Bringing A New Pet Into Your Home

Many people adding a Westie to their family already have other pets in the home. How is Rover going to accept a new Westie pup?  "Our Muffin, a Cocker, is 14 years old and we are not sure if she can tolerate a new pup!  What do we do?" <<MORE>>

Treating Acute Diarrhea And Chronic Diarrhea in Dogs

Dogs commonly develop acute diarrhea. Because we are all concerned about our dog's welfare, we often run them in to see the veterinarian at the first signs of diarrhea. This is usually not necessary, and often will end up being detrimental to the dog if antibiotics are needlessly prescribed. Chronic diarrhea is less common, but is more serious and will require more effort to correct. . . <<MORE>>

Thomas and Linda Broadhead, Retired Breeders
Since I am in cancer treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX
We have moved to Huffman, TX 77336