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Pretty Miss Chloe celebrating her 10th birthday and other celebrations with her family. She lives in FL with Marie and Melinda.



Maggie is now 4 months old and loves to play in the mud.



This is my baby. His name is Harley and he is 8 yrs old.  I bought him from a breeder in LA when he was 9 weeks old. He is such a good boy and the light of my life.

Lori and Harley live in TX.

~ Lori


I just got Osker on July 1, 2012. He was already 3 months old. I have been wanting a Westie for 2 years and by luck got him when the previous owner had to back out. So excited when I saw him, he just melts my heart.

~ Carol from PA




New pics of Dimples after her grooming day. ~ Don



Trooper is a fun, playful westie! He is 9 months old and is groing so fast!!!

~ Abbey from TN


We can’t thank you enough for all the joy Chloe has given us and everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her.  She loves people so much.  She goes to the coffee shop early on Friday mornings and sits up in one of the chairs charming everyone who goes by.  She is one of the “regulars” and all the other “regulars” know her by name.  Although she is quite vocal when sitting in the window at home barking at any dog that dares to walk by, she is so well behaved when she is out.  Her favorite thing is “to go” and we try to take her as much as we can.  The maids are here on Fridays and that is her morning to travel…to City Park for a long walk, the pet store, the nursery, you name it.  The checkout girl at K Mart actually knows her by name!  There are a number of breakfast spots that allow dogs in the outside area and we try to take her when the weather is nice enough to sit out.  Although she is very independent, she always wants you close by.  She loves to be out in the yard looking for lizards (never gets one), running the squirrels (has been known to tree them) and peering under the fence to look for cats, but when she hears me going inside it isn’t long before she is wanting to come in too.


I am Sir Hamish McTavish and I am an international Super Star and Westie Author. I am 9 yrs old and I live in the UK.

If you would like to pay me a visit I am on Facebook. If you put my name into a search I would love to meet up


Abbey at 9 weeks. She was our Betzy's puppy who was a Christmas surprise for us. She now is in her new home with Robert and Kelly in St. Petersburg, FL.
~ Dee from FL


Rosey and Alister are enjoying their new sister, Lily (middle). These three cuties live with Vicki in MS.



Dimples is so adorable in her new outfit.     ~ Don in TX





I groomed Miss Madison today and thought you might like to see what she's looking like!  I m getting better as I go, lol! She is my bright spot...she follows me everywhere! 

This pretty girl is a Down South Westie. Her parents are Darby and Francie. She lives with Karen in FL.




We are not in the States but thought you would like this shot of our little Westie LILY who is two years old November 22nd.....Taken on holiday in Wales....This is her favourite vantage point for Squirrel and Mouse spotting!