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  Westie Breeders

How to Select a Serious Dog Breeder

Once you've decided to add a new member to your family, the work has only begun! If you have chosen a Westie, be sure to do your research. A Westie is not for everyone. There are three steps that are very important:

This past week, a lady called from another state who had already paid a $100 deposit for a Westie pup and told us her story. When she wanted to go to the breeder's home to see the mom and dad, the breeder would not allow that. She said she would meet her at McDonalds and even bring the mom and dad with her because she did not want visitors at her home to possibly bring in diseases. BEWARE!

When we bred Westies, we welcomed people to come see where our dogs lived and they were always amazed at the setup that we had in our basement. Their living quarters were as nice as ours. They had two TV's, two sofas as well as their own baby beds to sleep on. They had a whelping room, grooming room, large den, and a bedroom and bath (for us!).

We were also aware of possible diseases so we asked all visitors to remove shoes and wash hands before we went downstairs to visit our dogs. I can assure you there is something to hide if a breeder does not want you on the premises. DON"T BUY THEIR PUP!

Evaluating a breeder is very important. Will your breeder be there to answer your questions, etc. Don't give in to impulse buying! Sticking to this list and waiting for a dog breeder you are comfortable with will help ensure a good fit, a happy and healthy dog.

Step One - Know the breed

Step Two - Know the breeder

Step Three - Know what you are getting


Westie Characteristics and Westie Standard are important for you to know.