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Note: We longer breed Westies because of health. We have moved to TX where I am in cancer treatment at MDAnderson Cancer Center. Hope you find your special pup!

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West Highland White Terriers are very smart and loyal dogs.  Our Westie puppies come from champion stock and have  imported bloodlines on their pedigree.  Our Westie puppies have the qualities we like best in dogs.  Personality plus with stable temperaments, terrier harsh coat,  and of course, impressive appearance are just some of their wonderful characteristics.

We are no longer breeding, but our Westie puppies received abundant attention from whelping time until going to new homes.  We still stand behind each puppy with a guarantee of good health, effective socialization, and freedom from congenital defects.  

We placed Pet/Companion pups with limited registration (offspring of dogs with limited registration cannot be registered), neuter/spay contract, a pedigree, up-to-date shots and worming, and a congenital defects guarantee.  Buyers of Pet/Companion pups will sign a neuter/spay contract.  This dog is not intended to be used for breeding purposes.  

We never placed our pups with just any family.  We are only interested in finding serious owners who can provide excellent care and a good, loving home.  We were always careful to ask all the right questions.  If you are interested in knowing what breeders ought to ask, check out  the Application.

We followed a very selective breeding program, taking extra care to produce West Highland White Terrier pups that are healthy and free from congenital health problems and which exemplify the  breed standard.  We carefully screened for health problems prior to breeding. 

If possible, never air flight your pup as cargo.  For you to take your new pup on the airline as "carry on", there is a required Health Certificate.  This Health Certificate must be gotten from the vet within a 10 day window of your flight schedule.  This is the breeder's responsibility, but the fee will probably be passed on to you.