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Artificial Insemination

I am always amazed at the way some people react when they find out that we artificially inseminated our females instead of allowing them to breed naturally. In the midst of their interest and amazement, they seldom ask why! The reason we AI is because it protects the male from infection and injury. During the tie, the male may be injured if the female throws herself about. An aggressive female can also cause a male to back off and not breed naturally, causing "performance anxiety". 

We actually stumbled up on AI. Our first breeding experience was not a good one because our male was afraid of our one and only female. She literally would not let him breed her and he was afraid to go against her will, thus "performance anxiety". I talked to the vet and after some tests he said that she was ready to be bred and some females just would not breed. Boy did we choose the right one! He tried to AI her in the office, but our male was so intimidated by a stranger, it didn't work. He said he would come out to the house that afternoon and see if our male would be more comfortable in familiar surroundings. He came that afternoon, and BINGO! Since that was probably the last day to breed according to the vet's tests, we did not breed her again. She had 4 pups and we used AI from that point on. We did not breed our females every time they came into heat, but we were successful with every AI. We would continue to choose AI over natural breeding if we were active breeders today. It works, but you must have necessary training. Our vet was very helpful in teaching me.

There are many variations of AI to consider. There is dog-to-dog artificial insemination, fresh-extended (chilled) semen insemination, and frozen semen insemination.  The most effective is dog-to-dog insemination and frozen semen is the least effective or successful.  We use dog-to-dog artificial insemination.

Determining the proper day to inseminate is very important.  This is done various ways:  vaginal cytology (smear), progesterone RIA test, vaginoscopic examination, etc.  There are many ways of estimating the proper day to deposit semen, but an experienced and reliable stud dogs nose is frequently the finest instrument for this.  Our male had a "good" nose!  So we determined when to breed the old fashioned way!  We consider the number of days in the heat cycle, past history records of previous breedings, and we depend strongly on the male's nose.

Artificially inseminating a female should be left to the trained person, because a female can be injured if the procedure is not done properly.





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