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Buying A Westie Puppy


Buying a Westie Puppy that is healthy and has a great temperament takes a lot of time and research.

In your search for "just the right pup", you want to be sure the Westie puppies are raised in the home with the family. They should be lovingly handled from birth, producing dogs with exceptional temperaments that are very devoted to their owners. At time of placement, all puppies should be up to date on shots and worming.  

Reputable breeders place Pet/Companion pups with limited registration (offspring of dogs with limited registration cannot be registered), neuter/spay contract, a pedigree, up-to-date shots and worming, and a congenital defects guarantee. This dog is not intended to be used for breeding purposes.  

The intent should always be to better the breed by taking into consideration health, temperament, and standard when breeding. The breeder should offer a written guarantee, two weeks on general health and a one year guarantee against genetic health problems.

Lots of time should be spent with the pups and they shouldn't leave for new homes until at least 8 weeks old.  Socialization is very important and you will be glad the extra time is spent with them.

Even though we have retired from breeding, this site is filled with info related to Westie pups. You will find pictures, info about puppy care, grooming, Westie supplies, and info related to "what to look for" in deciding on just the right breeder and just the right pup!