Are Doggy Daycares Worth It?

Are doggy daycares worth it? Well, this question will never ring in your mind until you need extra care for your pet. As usual, pets are part of our lives, and we love taking care of them and being with them at all times. 

But what happens when you need to leave your dog to go for a long trip or work? This is where a doggy daycare comes in. You need a place where you can leave your dog for the better part of the day and still ensure it is well taken care of.

Doggy daycares may be a bit expensive, but I believe they are worth it since your dog will be left in a loving home. So, rest assured your dog will be safe and happy as long you choose the right daycare. However, note that it is not easy for your dog to settle in the daycare for the first time. You must ensure it will feel comfortable and be taken good care of when you are not around. 

Let’s look into what you should look out for when looking for the best doggy daycare for your pet.

Dog playtimes

Dog playtimes are recommendable to exercise the dogs and keep them active. So, as you search for daycare, make sure the facility offers dog playtime sessions. It could be an indoor or outdoor play area, depending on what you are used to doing with your dog. You need to make sure that your pet does not miss out on the regular activities it has been doing. Therefore, if you used to play with your dog daily, choose a facility to accommodate this activity.

The other thing you need to look into is the area of play. Safety for pets should be paramount in the play areas. Therefore, check out the sites where the dog plays and ensure all safety measures are intact. For example, the playground should not be slippery or have sharp objects lying around.

There should be varying play areas that accommodate both large and small dogs. The last thing you need is for your puppy to come home with an injured leg from playing with adult dogs. 

The dog meals and schedule

The feeding time for dogs depends on their size and age. Puppies are recommended to be fed at least thrice of four times a day. Adult dogs can feed twice or three times a day, depending on their health. If you opt for the daycare facility to provide food and your pet, check their feeding timetable, especially about the age of your dog.

Check the food they feed dogs to make sure it is safe for your pet and does not cause any allergic reaction. But if you opt to provide your nutrition, make sure the facility is okay with that. Does your dog feed at different intervals? It is always safe to alert them to make sure the dog adheres to its regular feeding timetable.

Check out the dog poop walks offered.

When it comes to poop walks, the dogs vary. Some dogs may require more poop breaks than others. So can the facility handle your dog’s pooping needs? As the owner, you know the nature of your dog in terms of potty walks. So, explain it to the facility to make sure they will accommodate your dog’s needs.

Does your dog like walks on the premises or off the grounds? Give all the details for their convenience and your dog’s. Any dog daycare that is ready to accommodate your dog’s needs is a great choice.

Do they have beddings?

As much as a dog requires playing and engaging in physical activities, they also need to rest to relax their muscles and body. So, a good daycare should have resting spaces for all dogs. Again, it is safe for the facility to have resting areas for large and small dogs separate for the small ones’ safety.

Checkout if the areas have clean beddings and are clean; if your dog requires special care, maybe a pillow when sleeping, ask the facility if you can bring your dog beddings. That is if they don’t have the right items.

Should have the suitable toys

Dogs are recommended to play with toys since they stimulate their brains and help them to stay engaged. So, the facility you wish to register your dog should have multiple toys and be safe.

For puppies, the toys should not be too small such that they can swallow or have sharp objects. Just like kids, dogs also require age-appropriate toys to play with. If the daycare does not have toys that suit your dog, ask if you can come with yours.


The must-have essentials for dog daycare

It would be best if you never compromised your dog’s safety and comfort when choosing a daycare.

The following are must-have essentials;

  • Vaccination proof:
    You need to make sure your dog will be interacting with healthy and vaccinated dogs. If the institute asks you for records that show your dog has been vaccinated, be sure that it is a healthy ad safe place for your pet.
  • Have enough staff:
    If the dog daycare has enough staff, rest assured that your dog will get all the care it needs while you are not around. Choose a place with more staff than dogs.
  • There should be an interview:
    An interview plays a huge role in determining the daycare facility’s qualifications as you lay down the unique needs for your dog. From the interview, you and the facility will be able to gauge if that is the safe place to leave your dog or not. It also helps them determine the best staff to take care of your dog.

How much does it cost to admit a dog to daycare?

Various factors determine the cost of dog daycare charges. Some of these factors include; location, dog, type of facility, number of dogs you have, and the services offered in the facility. So, if you live in uptown, rest assured the dog daycare charges will be high, considering the cost of living is high in these areas too.

Other considerations

If you are a member of some facilities, the cost may vary between 25 to 50 dollars per day.

In some places, according to, the price is charged per hour. For example, half-day the cost range between 6 to 25 dollars while a full day cost between 12 to 38 dollars.

Some facilities offer discounts depending on the time you enroll your dog, the number of dogs you have and the service package you choose.

Additional costs

Some of the additional fees you may need are related to;

  • Registration, late in picking the dog(s)
  • Transport
  • Emergency vet fee
What do you if you cannot afford to enroll your dog in a dog daycare?
  • Hire a dog walker specialist to be coming to your home
  • Work from home, or if your work is flexible, tag your dog along when going to work
  • Ask for help from friends or family, especially if you are only going on a business trip for a couple of days
  • Hire a pet sitter around your area as it is more affordable


If you need to go back to work or travel, dog daycare is the perfect place to leave your pet while away for long hours. Use the above guide to help you choose the best-fit daycare for your dog. If you cannot afford one, well, go for the second alternative option. The bottom line is, leave your dog in a safe and comfortable place.

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